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Should there be a difference between rear and front ride height with MSS fitted?

Yes, for all our Performance products the rear axle should always be set to a minimum of 5mm, however a maximum of 10mm, higher than the front axle unless stated otherwise in the install guide. For all our SUV/Truck/Vans products, refer to the installation guide for the exact ride height setup as each model is different. In all cases, the rear axle should never be set lower than the front axle.

What height settings should I expect when MSS is fitted?

For our Performance products, the ride height can be adjusted from the original factory ride height down to 30mm (+/-3mm). For our SUV products, the ride height can be adjusted from the original factory ride height down to 50mm (+/-3mm).

What is the benefit to adjusting the ride height on a vehicle?

Height adjustment is a powerful tool for enabling additional performance handling, enhancing ride comfort and improving the overall on-the-road handling of the vehicle.

What shocks should I pair with my MSS Spring set?

We advise OEM shocks as a replacement to maintain the optimum setup for our products. Where a 3rd party shock absorber is the intended change, ensure the form factor is exactly the same as the OEM part being replaced.

What are the main differences in the three types of MSS sets you offer?

 The difference between the Urban, Sports and Track product is in the use capabilities. 

- Urban is for SUVs and therefore ideal for daily use on all road surfaces offering increased ride comfort
- Sports is our most versatile product for track were for a more connected feel and everyday use
 - Track suits high-performance vehicles for regular race circuit use and moderate road use.

I’ve fitted an MSS set to my vehicle, but I am experiencing a lot of noise – do you know why?

Common factors that may cause noise are drop links not tighten to the correct factory specs (refer to your vehicles workshop manual for the correct current torque information), rear axle ride height set lower than the front axle,  defective OE upper strut bearing, worn control arm or anti-roll bar bushes, worn engine mounts; loose exhaust mountings/heatshield; incorrectly seated MSS part (adjuster; spring; coupler); worn light sensor ball joint (found on control arms, front or rear axle). For further assistance, email support@mss.company for support.

I’ve made some conversion changes to my vehicle which makes it heavier than a standard model. Should I adjust what MSS solution I buy to cater for this extra weight?

Where the changes have reduced the ride height, adjust the vehicle back up to the desired ride height position, each full turn of the small adjuster yields a 2mm change and each full turn of the large adjuster yields a 3mm change.

Do the springs always sit the same way around, i.e. orange on top, black on bottom?

The correct stacked arrangement is the Orange spring on the top and the Black spring on the bottom. Both sides must be stacked the same for the optimum operation of the product on your vehicle.

What sort of adjustment should I make to the springs when towing?

The reason MSS have height adjustment is to allow for the ability to raise the vehicle when towing. The amount of adjustment required will be dictated by the amount of lowering as a result of the towing. We recommend you measure from the fender edge to wheel hub centre before and after attaching the tow. Once you have established the delta, adjust the vehicle by the amount lowered from towing.

What is the correct way to measure the height of the springs?

Follow these steps

- step 1: measure from fender edge to top of the wheel hub cap and note this down.

- step 2: then measure the wheel hub cap and divide the results by 2.

- step 3: now add the results from step 1 to step 2 to get current ride height.

I’m wanting to improve my standard springs, but I don’t want to lower the vehicle as I live down a dirt road, so clearance is important. Should I go for Urban or Sports?

The Urban product is for SUVs and therefore suitable if your vehicle is an SUV. Otherwise our fully adjustable Sports product is the best option.  You can adjust back to the original vehicle ride height to get the clearance you need for your daily use.

Can you please tell me the spring rate for the Sports version and the Track version?

We do not share spring rates for our products, but Sports is suited for everyday use and can also be used for occasional track use.  Track is geared towards cars used regularly for track days and is typically 25% or more stiffer than Sports product

Are your products compatible with the Audi magnetic ride equipped models?

Yes, all MSS products are specifically designed to work in harmony with the factory original active (electronic) or passive (non-electronic ) shock absorbers. The Audi MagneRide system was the first  active system MSS was developed to work with and that has since been expanded to the VW DCC; BMW EDC, Porsche PASM; Mercedes ABC; Toyota TEMS active suspension systems.




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